About Us.


EMINMEDIA LTD Was Stablished On 11th July 2023

Given at Companies House, Cardiff

The Situation Of Its Registered Office Is In England And Wales.

Our Founder Is Currently Living in Ankara/Turkey, If Your Business Is Located In Turkey, You Can Book A Meeting.

Although It Is Newly Registered, Our Experience Is Longer Than a Decade In The Fields Of Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Media Production, Web Design, and SEO.

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Excellent Design

With creative minds, our professional design team works on every project as if it’s their portfolio.
a place to shine and make a difference.

Fast Response

We answer our clients in less than 24 Hours.
every day our contact team checks every Email, call, and message to make sure no need is left behind.

Time Saving

In a teamwork of professionals and Artificial Intelligence, there is no waste of time for our clients.

Perfect Solutions

Using Aİ has the leverage of finding the best solutions to every problem any business might face in their marketing journey.

Professional Team

We select our team from the best designers, creators, and marketing specialists around the world.

24/7 Support

With our specialized app, you can have 24/7 support from our online team.

Here Are Some Of Our Great Skills

Every step needs to be measured in case we understand mistakes and bugs. so we can work on our weak spots if there are any…

UI Design
Digital Strategy
Content Writing
Social Media

Best Solutions For Your Business

Are you tired of dealing with every detail of your communication and trying different marketing strategies on the road?

Or you are just getting started and have no idea how or where to start?

Do you need a fast and secure way to increase your conversion and ROI?

Meet our team.

The Best People To Support Your Project
Fatih Enes Eroğlu

Fatih Enes Eroğlu


Doğukan Sevinç

Doğukan Sevinç


Amin Ferdowsi

Amin Ferdowsi

CEO / Marketing

Merve Patlar

Merve Patlar


Marcho Doe

Marcho Doe